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Educational Development, Otago Polytechnic, NZ

Leigh Blackall

Leigh Blackall’s core interest is in education and networked learning. He works in Education Development for the Otago Polytechnic and gives presentations and workshops on networked learning to many educational organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Leigh maintains the Teach and Learn Online Web Log and facilitates the Teach and Learn Online eGroup. He also designs and develops educational resources.

Teaching is dead – long live learning

Regret having a $20,000 debt. And having had to move to another country.
My real teacher is the net.
Graphics etc in flickr …
Here’s the teaching is dead slides into a video on, and YouTube, slides on flickr and bubbleshare.
Well deserved acknowledgment of Greg Whitby. My blog posts ….

For those of you planning on spending millions, why aren’t you considering the free

I think we’re guilty of taking a new medium and moulding the old stuff and patting ourselve’s on the back OWTTE ) or words to that effect

takes obvious humble pride in challenging the ‘old school’ approach and gives us permission to us also share the tragedy of what is occurring within education – filtering one quick example. How appalling and overwhelming the absence of what should essentially be common sense is. Baby boomers running education now unaware of Ivan Illich (Deschooling Society) who spoke of a learning environment that reflects the internet and personalised learning.

Really I just want to sit and listen, take it in –
Leigh just reflected my thoughts of – can’t wait for when we don’t have to be burdened by laptops – something else to access the internet or something like the internet.

Go to Leigh’s blog, read, comment, think etc – highly valuable perspective that demanded greater courage that I have. Thanks Leigh

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