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Here’s a bit of a summary of the previous two posts. It’s an option for those who might want to join in themselves and/or … help promote a bit of online networking I’ve set up for the Global Summit in Sydney 17-19 October.

I’ve posted on my blog

To direct people to one post perhaps use
there is further explanation there

The main points are
* The Global Summit 2006 home page is
* It is being run by
* Encourage the use of the ‘GlobalSummit06’ tag
* The summit has been submitted on hitchhikr
* There is an ‘open to all’ public Group Photo Pool using flickr 
– you will need to have a flickr account and sign in etc
* There is a GlobalSummit06 public discussion forum also using flickr
* There is a Bloggers Breakfast at the Shangri-La Hotel (176 Cumberland Street – The Rocks, Sydney) at 7:30am Wednesday 18th October.

This is for anyone who is interested in the collation and sharing of ideas … not just live bloggers but web2-anythingers, Speakers, Provocateurs, Thought Leaders, delegates, members of the FLAG committee, personnel … anyone who has a vested interest in this ‘collaborative decision-making programme’        Cheers, Al

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4 thoughts on “GlobalSummit06 – links summary

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  2. Great work Al – v.organised!!

    I would like to volunteer to coordinate and assist any web2 er who is interested in PODCASTING. Would be great to get whatever audio we can from whoever is interested in recording / posting.

    I will be sitting near the mixing desk with Kerry from who is in charge of the ‘official’ podcasts.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

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